June 23, 2010

Calibrating sadness

Identifying grey treefrogs and writing about art and Mason jars,
pumpkin lilies and sundial calibration: sadness writ in stone and steel and pointing at the sky...3 little boys bouncing their balls thinking it will be different. It won't. Limbs so dark, moon so bright.

A memorial for a friend is almost complete, it is an amazing piece of artwork:

There's more about Richard and the sculptor, Tony Armeni, here: Great Big Space

June 14, 2010

Storybook Cabin

Stay down the road at the Storybook Cabin within walking distance and come visit me and my artwork in finished and in-progress stages. They provide a very good value. There's several picturesque cabins nearby:

Stray mom-cat was raising 3 more kittens in the shed for about the sixth season, but has disappeared as she's wont to do; someday we will trap her for a trip to the vet.

canoe trail guides in Pennsylvania