May 16, 2006


blue heron one day

blue heron another day I hear him in the morning talking to a blue jay in the driveway

Being driven into the lake, the water covers the car…. Over our heads

Walk this way o living, through darkened halls… it smells, the cardboard crates are most startling.

Garlic and flames dissolve her first communion dress,

traffic in the rainy street, this is how to do art

Cherry blossoms infinitely unreel all the way to creaking wooden floorboards above the river

pairs of crows, clouds of bluets, glittering wet violets

little yellow car bounces out of the muddy green green ditch, crushed in & clodded with brown

it rains

it rains

the green is unbelievable

and everyone sez This is getting ridiculous

The thyme of away-ness, so we leave

all gone

all done

You know—they are choke cherries….


Gabriella Travaline said...

hi, i'm gabriella...recovering alcoholic,artist,wanna-be eco-warrior cept i can't always be alone- safety in numbers as far as recovery is concerned. it's raining now, very,very pretty! my boyfriend is depressed on couch, has been for days..and i'm surfing the internet for something soft and plucky. thought i'd say 'hi'.