July 27, 2006

moose and spruce

moose and spruce,
loons, otters, rose pogonia, Great Northern Paper, helleborine galore and we learn it is an invasive, waves and wind, floating bogs, Graveyard Point, homemade rootbeer, marsh St. John's wort, some kinda pyrolla...
smartweed floats like sweet pink candy on the water as we stroke by
thunder in the distance and here is hummous, dates, and dill pickles to eat, chocolate with a love poem from Dante read aloud under cedar, spruce and fir

wooden and canvas canoes, a paddle carved by an Alexandra...biscuits, woodsmoke and rain....we have loved our journey with old and new, watery and true, trails winding round and round between labrador and missoula

North Woods Ways, Willimantic, Maine

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Anonymous said...

very nice sketched... keep up the good work............harish