April 15, 2008

those who did not run

These gravestones are in Rehrersburg.

There is a great song by The Cutters: Fields of Gettysburg -- written by Phillip Morgan, quoted from the liner notes: behind the song,"Phillip's twice great grandfather, Creed Henry Harper, enlisted in the Confederate Army at age 16, two weeks after Virginia seceded. He was one of five brothers from a family that had freed their slaves years before. All five enlisted, out of love and loyalty to Virginia and to a Southern way of life. At Gettysburg, he was a first sergeant of Company C of the 53rd Virginia Infantry in Armistead's brigade of Pickett's Division. This song is largely his own words, passed down by Phillip's maternal grandmother, who was raised by him."
THe lyrics are moving. It's on their album, Sail Away album on Amazon.com

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