October 22, 2009

open the toy box & dump them all on the floor

Happy Easter!
Create your own Easter Egg at dumpr.net

"What made my dreams so hollow
I was standing at the depot
With a steeple full of swallows
That could never ring the bell
Oh I've come ten thousand miles away
And I ain't got one thing to show
Must've been a train
Took me away from here
But a train can't bring me home"


"And when the whistle blows I gotta go mama, don't you know
Well, it looks like I'm never gonna lose the freight train blues.

Well, the only thing that makes me laugh again
Is a southbound whistle on a southbound train
Every place I wanna go I never can go
Because you know I got the freight train blues
Oh Lord mama, I got them in the bottom of my rambling shoes."


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