January 5, 2010

Snowsome she is

How fares your driveway now - will you stop telling?

Paint with light in the dark... upper room with a blue blank, pine-scented crayons and coloured lights are in my corner of Dark; how is your dark coming along, is it deep, is it icey, does it bite, do you scream down, all the way down and lie there quivering?

Plow roar in the smokey distance: snowflakes and stars, winter does not lie.

Whiskey, wood and wonder, bring on the basket and send it down, Predators rumble by: 1, 2,3, carrying the snow shovel, alone in the blank cold, ham and potatoes on a plate with war.

This white tide of snow, it comes and comes and comes,

Snow flow, gold ink, green glitter, red pencil, silver stars.
All night long sitting on a cardboard box watching for bunny rabbits in the snow.

In the cold.

In the dark.

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