February 28, 2010

door full of out

Potatoes in the fire of the wood stove, air filled with snow
night filled with light
boots full of toes
door full of out
head fulla shouldas
I'm playing Ludwigville - who wants to join me?

dog on the couch cat on the coffee-table who would be this Brother you would be the keeper of?


Anonymous said...

I like this one. Lots of visual imagery in the words too. The scenes are intriguing, but for me they don't go with the words.

Diana said...

thanks, Vicky! Cuz this is supposed to be the artist's studio blog the posts are supposed to be what they were working on that day _and _ then tacked on is what they observed that day. I try to keep the politics corralled over at diana.blogspot but it's a nebulous business... Thanx 4 stopping by, I appreciate all my visitors!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I really like those pictures!

Diana said...

thank you, Elizabeth. I'm sorry for your recent loss.