October 14, 2013

About The Three Worlds in Wisconsin through Novemeber 7, 2013

A good show to catch in Fox Cities/Fox River Valley of Wisconsin:

The Three Worlds show runs October 3 through November 7, 2013
Aylward Gallery HOURS: Mon-Sat: 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., Sunday: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley
1478 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952

Contact: Terry Bergen 832-2824

LIKE the PAGE on fb: https://www.facebook.com/aylwardthreeworlds
About The Three Worlds
The exhibit of photographs and paintings explores the natural and unnatural environment, alluding to the surface of the land, below the surface, and the skies.

Photographer Beaver's statement
Photography allows the light of the world to make marks on pieces of paper.  For me, there is a bitter poignancy between the living substance of the world and the dead flatness of a photographic object.  And so I often want the photograph to be self-aware of the process by which it was made, and I am drawn to processes that somehow leave their direct marks on the print.

Interfaces fascinate me – the ‘slash’ in Art/Science; Nature/Machine; Old/New; Painting/Photography.  The tree is above ground and below ground, but the ground itself, the interface, is also part of the tree.  What we have destroyed, and what we will create, are part of what we are.  These Three Worlds are our only world, and I am reluctant to alter it by the photographic act.  I mostly want to preserve what we are losing.

MORE of photographer's work: http://imagepro.photography.com/beaverphoto

Artist Ludwig's statement/bio
Indulging In A Passion For Mark-Making: With adrenaline-charged mark-making the artist attempts to portray the heaving mass of life forms around her, painting and drawing fields of energy and minefields of emotion and thought which are clearly visible to her. She sees a landscape that writhes, twists, and sometimes rises, envelopes and embraces.  This vision is applied to figures and activities that capture her wits, are absorbed, digested & spewed back out upon the working surface. The artist finds bird and land forms apt vehicles for translating her personal delvings into existentialism. A wide variety of mostly water-soluble media are used to converse with the surfaces, usually crashing beyond any boundaries of tidiness.

The artist has a fine arts degree with an emphasis on drawing along with a minor in art history from Kutztown University. Her works have have been displayed in a variety of venues.

Spending seventeen years in chocolate factories has given her talents ranging from running a molding line to producing the liquid chocolate to creating fine European truffles by hand. She has circumnavigated the perimeter of the state of Pennsylvania on a solo bike-packing trip, solo-backpacked across the mountains (small ones) of this most favorite state for 2 weeks at a time, assisted in the cave survey of Wind Cave National Park, and performed renovations of planetarium domes.

MORE of artist's work: http://www.dianaludwig.com/

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