April 9, 2011

The Lion Princess uplifts youth with a wonderful story & helps animal rescues!

The Lion Princess' story to be given out as incentives to donors to animal rescues across the Texas Panhandle & hopefully the country ~ help her help animal rescues! Only 8 days left! KS allows even just a $1 backers & if the total goal is not met no $$ changes hands at all ~ no risk for any backer! Please "Share", thanks! Her Link: http://kck.st/hHK9Fu  Please help our Lion Princess project on Kickstarter help animal advocay groups - she has only 8 more days to make her goal or down the tubes she goes :( can't help Shelter Rescues that way! - KS lets anyone help out with even just a dollar - or even a "LIKE" or a "Share"d link would be a blessing - thanks so much for passing this on! Listen to our audios if u have time.  Go to the KS page to LIKE: http://kck.st/hHK9Fu !
From the author: 
The Lion Princess  — Journey to an Awakening is a fun exploration into a girl’s learning about herself and her world. By her courage, faith, and determination Alice is able to overcome obstacles in her quest to see the land she will one day rule as queen. She learns far more than she expected — about herself, the people who love her most, the trials of life, and the God Who created her.
The novel is unique in that it is not an animal story, per se, but an adventure where a girl dons a very realistic lion suit, joins a circus, and finds out what a struggle it is to be an animal. After Alice experiences firsthand the trials of wild animals she returns home determined to do something to relieve the suffering of all animals.
To help an animal welfare group: An incentive: “Set up a bank auto-withdrawal for six months for at least $10 a month and you will receive a free copy.” If you have a group you want to help, I can brainstorm ideas for you.

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