April 1, 2011

Red fox running down the road

Saw Gasland. On the road to Liberty a red fox came running across an empty lot and up the side of the road intent on some errand ~ I took it as the appropriate good sign.Two yellow pencils and a Segal-like figure reading a book (student work). Was relieved to see it was a film mostly about Josh Fox the character and nicely NYC-style artsy. Relieved to see him drawing no conclusions, found it  profound at points, particularly in stating, "I don't know." The congressional hearing was the best scene -- have always luv luv Degette for introducing the bill; and next, good to see what a wrought up weasel Hanger is, now that we're following his trail of tears in PA. Good, albeit weird, to hear the snip of Nellie McKay.
The invited speaker, Irvin Mesmer of Bainbridge, OH, stressed the state's intent to lease the parks to drillers.

I grew up in Damascus township and because I spent the 5 last intense years (re: 14-19) a half mile away from where at the same time Josh's parents were constructing their city get-away, and because I also scrambled for miles up and down that same Milanville stream countless times, rock-hopping, wading, painting, studying crayfish, hellgrammites, eels, oswego tea,  (past their cabin) it was very weird to see the acres of Calkins Creek/Skinner's Falls/Davis Road scenes in this context - especially the ones from that same time period. Just brought back so many memories of attitudes, and of all the places my head has been, and always since a kid being outside more than in.  And what does that mean to value the natural world more than anything, to feel it is ones' real home. All that.

Pump House/Spring House

Willie Collins House Before

The Potato Digger

Daylily and Bergamont

Winter Cornstalks on the Hill

Dee's Barn Door

Gap In The Pines/Path to A Friend's

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